Ensuring our Key Health Workers are protected

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All About Protection Of Health Workers With Respect To Community Mask Tree

The community mask tree is an initiative which had made a life of workers and others easier across the country to make sure their health can be prevented, and lives can be saved. It gives a level of confidence to go back out and protect others and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The main agenda of this community is to protect workers and others while taking preventive measures. So here we are going to highlight how the protection of health workers is taken care of while indulging in protecting others at the time of the pandemic.

Essentials of community-based health services:

  • Size of the population across the course:

There are different considerations of people at different times in life, but with respect to the risk associated with the pandemic, the overall health service first concern and the implication of public health measures which are there with the pandemic.

  • Maintain therapies:

Therapies are maintained to get people stable from chronic diseases, ensuring the community of treatment regimens through which the risk of life-threatening can be acute.

  • Outreach and campaign based services:

Community-based prevention activities include some of outreach services and campaigns, which are supplementary activities used to achieve high population area coverage. But some of these activities are more lifesaving and can also increase the risk of COVID-19 within communities among health workers.

  • Strengthening supply chain:

During the pandemic, it is necessary to maintain the range of supply change by the availability of essential medicines and supplies. It requires proper storage conditions so that more quantity of supplies can be kept.

  • Health information system:

The community has to maintain and monitor the essential health services and perform public health measures that can slow the transmission of the pandemic. Therefore, the health workforce depends mainly on the data collection around the society.

Prevention and control of infection:

  • Medical masks:

Masks can help communities to control the spread of coronavirus when worn correctly and properly by most people. This is an essential aspect of this community.


  • Usage of gloves:

These are required at the time of direct contact with another person when meeting face to face in person as the virus, or the infection can be spread physically.

  • Clean equipment:

This should be ensured that the equipment is kept clean with water or soap with safe waste management preventions to be followed it.

  • Hygiene:

At this pandemic time, it is necessary to maintain hygiene by always keeping the hands clean either by water, soap or with the alcohol-based hand rub so that the infection and the virus cannot be spread from one person to another.


Furthermore, we can conclude that the community health workforce should ensure that the people and the workforce members are being maintained healthy with proper hygiene and safety measures and the screening of the pandemic.

So it is advised to widespread the community transmission by maintaining the precautions with essential routine services.



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