Friday 26th June 2020

I am very pleased to announce that Wiltshire Community Foundation have awarded Community Mask Trees a grant of £2000 to support efforts to supply cloth masks to communities across Wiltshire.

The funding will be used to create 40 packs containing the supplies needed to make 50 cloth masks (apart from the inner lining which will need to be sought through community donations/ upcycled materials).

Packs will be made available to people wishing to host a tree and to community groups wishing to host a pop-up tree event. More details on how to apply for a funded pack will be published shortly but establishing trees in new areas of Wiltshire will be a priority.

The funding will also be used to purchase fabric to support mask making for the tree hosted by Salisbury District Hospital. We appreciate all the donations we have received. If you supply the equivalent of 10 masks a week for one month to the hospital tree you can request 2 metres of fabric suitable for mask outers (available while stocks last and after the 40 masks have been donated). This will be coordinated and managed by Carol Kite.

In awarding this grant the funding panel made recommendations to enhance the sustainability of the Community Mask Trees initiative. We have therefore written more guidelines on creating a sustainable forest to ensure we are able to continue supplying cloth face coverings for as long as our communities need them.

If any of you are hoping to apply for a grant to help support your own community mask trees and would like some help or support, please feel free to email or apply for a Start-Up pack.