Can you help ensure that everyone in your community can access a face mask by hosting your own Community Mask Tree?

We are delighted to say that with support from Wiltshire Community Foundation, Community Mask Trees are able to help you to do so.

You can join an ever-growing forest of Mask Trees across the country and a network of over 8000 volunteers, by applying for one of our Start-Up Packs.

Our start-up packs contain almost everything you need to get your Mask Tree up and running.

We will provide the majority of materials to create 50 mask outers, bags to contain each mask, posters for your tree and support with promoting your tree. As well as instructions on how to make the masks.

All you need to do is source fabric from your local community to upcycle into mask inners. This could be old duvets, sheets, shirts …. You will then also need to construct the masks yourself or recruit a team of willing volunteers to help you. With our Start-Up Pack, the masks are remarkably simple to make and you only need a very basic sewing machine. Once you have made your first 50 masks, we hope you’ll be encouraged to keep going, using any donations you receive to fund the purchase of more materials.

Establishing a mask tree is a wonderful way to play a role in beating the corona virus, whilst giving back to your community. You can play a key role in getting Wiltshire covered. To apply for your Start-Up pack please complete the application form.